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Established in 1923

Fabrique d’Ebauche Peseux, always known on the market as Peseux, was born in 1923 in the well-known production district of Neuchatel and stands out for the quality of its mechanisms mounted by the most prestigious brands.

Peseux has always been a very prestigious brand with extremely reliable and quality movements, known to produce also a significant quantity of mechanisms for the Observatory Chonometer Competitions.


Peseux today

FHP 1923 S.A., is inspired by the prestige of the past by making high-tech mechanical movements to compensate the high demand, marketing them with the famous Peseux brand.

The decades of experience in the luxury watch sector and in watch movements, both of the management and of all the company staff, offers a guarantee of quality.
The years of technical study, and testing of the founding members and their suppliers, ensure reliability of a performing mechanism.

FHP 1923 SA offers actually only automatic movements.


Rue du Château 21, 2034 Peseux



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